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waverley trip

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We got up early and caught the 8.00 train to Faringdon then the tube to Tower Hill where we looked at the poppies before boarding the 'Waverley'

Many more poppies than the last time we visited

Waverley from the Millennium Quay

Some variations on the above picture

The map above enlarges to nearly twice the size.

Silver Shard from the deck

All very blue

Still blue

The Shard

Tug turns the Waverley around


Art deco at Hay's Wharf

Reflections in the building below which has been solarised



Tower of London

Going through the open Tower Bridge

From the stern

The tug accompanied us down river

Back of this building on the Wapping page

Shard 'over-exposed in the sun

The Prospect of Whitby with hanging dock

Michael's worst building

The Grapes - looks an attractive pub

Pictures taken in the areas passed by the Waverley on the web pages to the right http://www.cullens.org.uk/1.Cullens_rotherhithe-to-tower-bridge.htm

Jutting penthouse

Surrey Docks Farm

The crumbly crane

Steps where Sir Francis Drake received his knighthood

Cutty Sark at Greenwich

National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Trinity Hospital, Greenwich


The razor

O2 and reflections

Quantum Cloud by Gormley

Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline

College of Design on the left

Thames Barrier

Thames Barrier

Former Tate & Lyle factory

Woolwich free ferry

Waterbus rushing up river

Largest Gas Holder

These piles could not be blown up, so they remain

Entrance to Barking Creek

Crossness sewage station

New sewage station

Ceiling in the Waverley

Dartford Bridge

An elegant pylon

Tilbury - not very elegant gantries

Tug and windmills

London International Cruise Terminal

Isolated period building

Victorian Postbox

Lifeboat station at the end of Southend Pier

We had a lunch of soup and sandwiches in the dining room

Off to Whitstable

Bobble hats that mimic the funnel.   A new one being knitted on the left.  

On the right - P, M & S move to a better position to get a shot of the knitter

High key windmills

Windmills - The London Array

Windmills again

We are being chased by a rain cloud


Small yachts

Entrance to Whitstable


We were disembarking when a hooter announced that the lifeboat was going out.   We did not know whether it was a practice or the real thing

Lifeboat up to speed

Waverley from the quay

Lobster boat

Oyster boats in the harbour

Waverley and vacuum dredgers


Weather deteriorating - we rushed round to take the boat from the other side

Pottery 'stones'

Michael +


Wind in the canvas

Groyne and Rainbow

Rainbow and boat

Old traditional beach huts

New beach huts

Happy family

Plastic sail

Taking down the sails


Thames Barge

Catching the light

Waverley's lights go on

Enjoying the sunset

Sun sets

Lovely clouds

Still knitting

O2 taken in the dark

Disembarking was slow, but once we were lucky to step straight onto a tube train and did not wait long for a train home.    We were very tired after an excellent day out.   Recovery took another day...

This map enlarges