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westminster to battersea

July 2009

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Henry Brzeski HB   Peter Duncan PD The Walkers started at Blackfriars and walked back to Westminster Bridge (where we had originally intended to start the walk) then along the river to Battersea.
John Capper JC   Juliet Morton JM
Ruth Capper RC   Brian Perry BP
Helen Cullens HC   Wendy Perry WP
Peter Cullens PJC   Leader:  Michael Shaw MS

Patterns near Blackfriars - JM

Plane tree fruits - HC


More patterns - PD

Bas relief RAF memorial to the Few - HC   http://www.bbm.org.uk/thesite.htm

JM above               below HB




The Wheel and the lamps on Westminster Bridge fascinated us all - PD


Houses of Parliament - MS



From Lambeth - JC

Albert Bridge - MS

Lambeth Bridge - JC

Reflections - JM

Photo-shoot - PJC

Waiting for tea or coffee - PJC

Concentration - JM

Protest - HB

Strange reflections - PJC

Reflection - PD

Having a good time - PJC

Fountain from one side of the embankment whilst a protest was taking place on the other - HC

Ignoring London - MS

Busker - PD

Saxophone player - MS

Sphinx - MS

Mobile Addict - PJC

The wider view - PD

Lambeth - JM


Parking problem - MS

A block of flats - JM

Or a row of owls - HC

Even more like owls in monochrome - HB

Tunnel cycling - PJC

Grappling Lawyers - PJC

Standing on the seat - PC

View from the seat;  part of St. Thomas's Hospital - HC

Battersea Power Station - PD

Decorative ways to keep people out at the MI5 building - HC

Trying to get in - PJC

Lawyers grappling - PJC

Procession home - PJC

Temple from the bridge - PJC

Meditation - PJC

We looked at eateries around Sloane Square and decided to find somewhere cheaper and less crowded so went back to King's Cross.