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August 17th 2010

richmond to teddington

John Capper JC   Peter Duncan PD   Juliet Morton JM  

Michael Shaw (leader)


Helen Cullens HC   Steve Hamill SH   Brian Perry BP   Hazel Wagner  
Peter Cullens PJC   Colin Hicks CH   Wendy Perry     John Wagner JW

Blades JM

Fine Art Gallery - SH

Kia-ora - SH

Girls boating - CH

Determination - CH

Foot in the Door - CH

Caught in Frame - JM

Thames Craft - JM

Coloured Reflection - JM

Under Richmond Bridge - JC

Overhead View - JC

Gondola - PD

Fisherman - MS

Art Deco - PD

Sundial - MS

Soldier - PJC

Boats - PJC

Under the Arches - HC

River boats - SH

On the phone - PD

River transport - SH

Containers - HC

Boats from the Bridge - HC

Alternative transport - HC

Under the Arch - JC

Messing about in boats - PD

Swallows or Amazons? - MS

Tree - SH

Webs - MS

Tranquillity - JM

Ooops - PD


Helping Hand - PD


We found some naked ladies cavorting around a pool - some of them in rather odd poses. They were imported from Italy by a fraudulent financier, who took his own life on conviction in 1904, they were acquired by the last private owner of York House, an Indian grandee called Sir Rattan Tata. When the house was sold and the contents auctioned the statues stayed where they were. Tata's widow may have given them to the local friend who helped her with the sale, but it is not difficult to believe that the task of moving and installing the group at another site put off any buyers. Over the years the statues suffered neglect and vandalism, pumps failed and the pool leaked. By the late 1980s there were even people who believed they should be abandoned to their fate. Others disagreed, and raised funds to restore and protect what are known locally as 'the naked ladies'.

His Mistress wont play - HC

Did someone snap me? - PJC

Couple - PJC

Bending over - PJC

Spectators - JC

Oof - PJC

Nosey - PJC

Bridge to Eel Pie Island - JC

Pigeon Line - CH

Stuck in the Mud - CH

Skiff Stack - CH

The Walkers - PD

Marble Hill House - HC

Heading for a fall - CH

Swans - PD

Pub - PJC

Relaxing at The Anglers after a good day out - PJC

We walked back to the station and returned home via the North London Railway to West Hampstead.  The connections were slick and we were back earlier than expected.